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All you need is a pack of cards, a table, and some like-minded people. Bridge players love the mental challenge. Each game played will offer a unique challenge of problems and solutions. Every single deal is different; every deal poses a new problem and the challenge of finding the solution is a great source of enjoyment - even more so if you find the answer!

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Secondly, bridge is an excellent social game and can be played by everyone - players can meet new people, make new friends, take on new challenges and learn the game through the many bridge clubs and teachers. Like participating in any sport - be it a 'physical sport', or a 'mind sport' - playing bridge is good for you mentally and physiologically.

Finally, you can play bridge anywhere! Next time it could be you! This article explains how bridge is based on skill, not luck. Unlike other activities involving cards, it is only good play, and not good cards, which means you will win. Recent academic work has shown a link between mental activity and maintenance - or even improvements - in mental health and wellbeing.

Research has found that the social interaction that can come from playing bridge can be a key to a long and happy life - this talk from TED explains more:. Research by Stirling University, in conjunction with the charity English Bridge Education and Development , found that playing bridge has a statistically significant positive effect on wellbeing. Other studies have found that activities such as playing bridge reduces the incidences of dementia see here or here.

Bridge is also recognised as an important contributor to socialisation, with many people enjoying the 'community spirit' that exists within a bridge club. Recent research at the University of Leipzig found that those taking up new activities involving other people, are more likely to see an increase in their 'well being' than those who start solo pursuits. The study commissioned by the EBU at St.

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Paul 's School in Manchester clearly shows a positive development of the young people involved. This study concentrated more on social skill development, rather than improvements of a purely academic nature. Experience shows that bridge teaches:.

Why do people play bridge?

For young children the idea of grouping items is central to early learning in mathematics. In Mini Bridge and bridge cards have to be sorted into the four suits , , , which, in turn, have a hierarchy and then into ranks within suits. This requires knowledge of the ranks ace, king, queen and jack rank above 10, Counting points In Mini Bridge , adding the point count of the partnership hands to decide whether to try for part-score or game Counting suits as the cards are played.

This is a very difficult concept for all but the best bridge players.

At an elementary level it is only practical to count one suit usually the trump suit Calculating the score after each hand has been played. Know from the allocation of points in Mini Bridge or by listening to the auction of opponents in bridge that one line of play may be superior over another Deduce that a finesse is a better line of play by using the opponents auction, even though numerically it may appear inferior.

Planning the play of the hand before playing a card to the first trick by using a SWOT analysis. In bridge this takes the form of Strengths: Counting your top winners Weaknesses: How many tricks you are short of your target Opportunities: Which suits offer the prospect of generating the additional tricks you need Threats: What can your opponents do to thwart your plans; what steps can you take to avoid danger Learning that in the bidding you must plan the way you will describe your hand. Unlike chess, which is a single player game, bridge is a partnership game You have to work as a team understanding that bidding is a dialogue between partners aiming to reach the best contract Understanding that defence is a partnership activity.

Bridge requires concentration. You have to think about what you are doing, who bid what and who played which card It requires great mental stamina. At the highest international level you need to be able to play for 8 hours a day for up to a fortnight. The equivalent of 2 marathons a day for 2 weeks. The English Bridge Union, in conjunction with the charity English Bridge Education and Development , works to bring bridge to as many people as possible. Goals can range from as general as mine: become as good as possible under the circumstances, to the low key idea of wanting to enjoy the game to its fullest, to a very ambitious and long ranging goal like placing in the top 10 in a national event.

Think about where do you want to be 5 years from now, 10 years from now? Whatever your goals are, you will get closer to them by improving your game.

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Even if you just want to have fun, it is more fun when you make fewer mistakes and place more often. The list of goals is going to be your motivation. Next, define your weaknesses. Write them down and keep them in mind when looking toward improving your game. We tend to work on what we already feel good about, not what we struggle with.

Write down specific areas you want to improve in and how long you think it will take. This will give you a boost whenever you realize you have improved, sometimes even faster than you had anticipated. Many Experts will tell you four ways to improve your game:. Yes, you should play a lot. That is why we love this game; we love to play, to compete and to win. When you play, make sure you understand in detail what happened on every hand and what should have happened.

Improve Your Bridge Game

Try to talk to people who are much better than you when you do not understand a situation. Learn from your mistakes. But, just playing a lot is not enough to optimize your improvement curve. Have you ever heard of any sports where you just play during practice — no, there is conditioning, drills, theory etc. How can we transpose the concept of optimized training to Bridge? Here are a few ideas…. Use computer programs for certain aspects of the game. You should have a written copy of your system, not just a convention card. The more situations you and your partner have discussed and have a way to deal with, the fewer bidding disasters you will encounter and the more confident you are that you can describe your hands well to reach the best contract.

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Do you know what happens when the opponents are interfering? Do you know which conventions in your system are still on? Lots of match points and IMPs are being lost because of bidding misunderstandings. Everybody needs the feeling of elation and finishing first ever so often. While I truly believe you are getting better by playing up, I also believe it is good to play against your former peers once in awhile and hopefully see how much better you have become.

Win a Bracket 8 K. Bridge is a game of frustration and humility.

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We are never as good as we hope, defeat will always sting more than success will uplift us. BUT, it will never be boring, always challenging and interesting. While it is a four person game, I believe that you can find ways to practice and learn by yourself. I hope this article provides useful suggestions to those of you that are up to the challenge of improving your game. How does this violate our Community Guidelines?

Select a reason and click "Flag Post" to flag this for review. You may provide an optional required if choosing other description of why you find this objectionable. You may also wish to send a private message to to request him or her to edit or remove the. Email or username:. Log In Forgot your password? Join Bridge Winners Log in with:. Sponsored Links. About the Author. Geeske Joel. How to Become Better at Bridge. Ideas for tools and methods on how to improve your game when you are not a naturally brilliant bridge player For someone who dreams of competing at the highest level, I have come to the game very late.

To have a reasonable hope of becoming a top competitor in Bridge, you have to start playing as a teenager or in your early twenties — there are very few exceptions to this rule Hi Tobi. I was in my early forties when I started — so about 20 years too late. That does not prevent me from still wanting to become the best bridge player possible under the circumstances.

Duplicate bridge results and tip: How to improve your bridge game

Of course, it helps tremendously if you have a knack for the game, but there is hope that it is not only raw talent that determines your success. In his book Outliers , Malcolm Gladwell argues that one needs to spend at least 10, hours of practice before one can become an expert in anything one chooses to do. David Shenk supports the same notion that talent is overrated and practice makes perfect in his book The Genius in All of Us.

These two books gave me the motivation to work hard, and while I will never be a World Class expert, I have become somewhat of an expert on how to improve my game with great efficiency and with great effort I might add. Remember, this is one person's perspective and it might not work the same for you, but it will offer some suggestions.