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Explore our app. The report shall include an evaluation of the programs, an outcome-based measurement of performance, and an analysis of the cost effectiveness of the additional resources provided under this Act [see Tables for classification]. Aliens seeking nonimmigrant admission as artists, athletes, entertainers, or fashion models or for the purpose of accompanying or assisting in an artistic or athletic performance before April 1, , shall not be admitted under subparagraph O i , O ii , P i , or P iii of section a 15 of such Act [ 8 U.

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A vacancy in the Commission shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made. The Commission shall include in the report an assessment of the effect of the requirement of paragraph 2 of section c of the Immigration and Nationality Act on the diversity, educational, and skill level of aliens admitted.

Each member of the Commission who is such an officer or employee shall serve without additional pay. Amendment by section c of Pub. Those partnerships organized within the United States and entities organized outside the United States which are considered affiliates under this subsection shall continue to be considered affiliates to the extent such firms enter into a plan of association with a successor worldwide coordinating organization, which need not be collectively owned and controlled. For provisions allowing Canadian citizens to be classifiable as nonimmigrants under subsec.

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Any such waiver by the Attorney General shall be in writing and shall be granted only on an individual basis following an investigation by a consular officer. If an alien described in paragraph 1 C ii is admitted to the United States, the natural mother of the principal alien involved shall not, thereafter, be accorded any right, privilege, or status under the Immigration and Nationality Act [ 8 U. Each such report shall include the number of aliens who are issued immigrant visas and who are admitted to the United States under this section and number of waivers granted under subsection a 2 and the reasons for granting such waivers.

The fact that an alien may be eligible to be granted the status of having been lawfully admitted for permanent residence under this section shall not preclude the alien from seeking such status under any other provision of law for which the alien may be eligible. Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated under paragraph 1 sufficient funds shall be available to provide for an increase in the border patrol personnel of the Immigration and Naturalization Service so that the average level of such personnel in each of fiscal years and is at least 50 percent higher than such level for fiscal year Such enhanced community outreach may include the establishment of appropriate local community taskforces to improve the working relationship between the Service and local community groups and organizations including employers and organizations representing minorities.

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After the consultation, it is the sense of the Congress that the President should report to the Congress any legislative or administrative changes that may be necessary as a result of the consultation and the enactment of this legislation. Upon application during the one-year period beginning Sept. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Attorney General not to be authorized, on or after Sept. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State are hereby ordered to exercise their authority, including that under the Immigration and Nationality Act 8 U.

Section 1. The Attorney General is directed to take any steps necessary to defer until January 1, , the enforced departure of all nationals of the People's Republic of China PRC and their dependents who were in the United States on or after June 5, , up to and including the date of this order hereinafter "such PRC nationals". The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are directed to take all steps necessary with respect to such PRC nationals a to waive through January 1, , the requirement of a valid passport and b to process and provide necessary documents, both within the United States and at U.

The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are directed to provide the following protections:. The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are directed to provide for enhanced consideration under the immigration laws for individuals from any country who express a fear of persecution upon return to their country related to that country's policy of forced abortion or coerced sterilization, as implemented by the Attorney General's regulation effective January 29, The Attorney General is directed to ensure that the Immigration and Naturalization Service finalizes and makes public its position on the issue of training for individuals in F—1 visa status and on the issue of reinstatement into lawful nonimmigrant status of such PRC nationals who have withdrawn their applications for asylum.

The Departments of Justice and State are directed to consider other steps to assist such PRC nationals in their efforts to utilize the protections that I have extended pursuant to this order. This order shall be effective immediately.

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Memorandum of President of the United States, Feb. It is a fundamental right and duty for a nation to protect the integrity of its borders and its laws. This Administration shall stand firm against illegal immigration and the continued abuse of our immigration laws. By closing the back door to illegal immigration, we will continue to open the front door to legal immigrants.

My Administration has moved swiftly to reverse the course of a decade of failed immigration policies. Our initiatives have included increasing overall Border personnel by over 50 percent since We also are strengthening worksite enforcement and work authorization verification to deter employment of illegal aliens.

Asylum rules have been reformed to end abuse by those falsely claiming asylum, while offering protection to those in genuine fear of persecution. We are cracking down on smugglers of illegal aliens and reforming criminal alien deportation for quicker removal. And we are the first Administration to obtain funding to reimburse States for a share of the costs of incarcerating criminal illegal aliens.

While we already are doing more to stem the flow of illegal immigration than has any previous Administration, more remains to be done.

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In conjunction with the Administration's unprecedented budget proposal to support immigration initiatives, this directive provides a blueprint of policies and priorities for this Administration's continuing work to curtail illegal immigration. With its focus on strong border deterrence backed up by effective worksite enforcement, removal of criminal and other deportable aliens and assistance to states, this program protects the security of our borders, our jobs and our communities for all Americans-citizens and legal immigrants alike.

I have directed the Attorney General to move expeditiously toward full implementation of our comprehensive border control strategy, including efforts at the southwest border. To support sustained long-term strengthening of our deterrence capacity, the Administration shall seek funding to add new Border Patrol agents to reach the goal of at least 7, agents protecting our borders by the year To further this strategy, the Department of Justice shall implement the capacity to respond to emerging situations anywhere along our national borders to deter buildups of illegal border crossers, smuggling operations, or other developing problems.

Through the strategic use of sensors, night scopes, helicopters, light planes, all-terrain vehicles, fingerprinting and automated recordkeeping, we have freed many Border Patrol agents from long hours of bureaucratic tasks and increased the effectiveness of these highly-trained personnel.

Because these tools are essential for the Immigration and Naturalization Service INS to do its job, I direct the Attorney General to accelerate to the greatest extent possible their utilization and enhancement to support implementation of our deterrence strategy. The Department of Justice shall assess the effectiveness of efforts underway to deter repeat illegal crossers, such as fingerprinting and dedicating prosecution resources to enforce the new prosecution authority provided by the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of [ Pub.

The Department of Justice shall determine whether accelerated expansion of these techniques to additional border sectors is warranted. This Administration has had success deterring large ship-based smuggling directly to United States shores. In response, smugglers are testing new routes and tactics. Our goal: similar success in choking off these attempts by adjusting our anti-smuggling initiatives to anticipate shifting smuggling patterns.