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No cover image. Read preview. Synopsis An ethical guide for clergy and laypersons who deal with "the vexing questions that arise in the daily life of a minister at work. Excerpt This study intersperses discussion of ethical problems with case analysis. Just a Job?

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Lair; Dean Ritz; Brenden E. Kendall Oxford University Press, Read preview Overview.

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Orr William B. Eerdmans, Duba, Jill D. Journalism History, Vol. Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, Vol. Catholic, Vol. Boundaries or Barriers? The Status of Civil Court Decisions 5. The Use of Civil Lawyers 6.

The Possibility of a Negative Decision 8. Setting a Wedding Date before the Completion of the Case 9. Tribunal Fees What is a Declaration of Nullity annulment?

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Does an annulment have anything to do with civil law? Does an annulment affect the legitimacy of children?

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Who can apply for an annulment? How is an annulment process started? Will my former spouse be contacted? What documents are needed? How is a case submitted to the Tribunal? What happens next? Who can be witnesses?

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Is other information needed? When is a decision reached? When does the decision become final?

Does the Tribunal ever deny an annulment?